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Input-Output Economics

Concerning a new method which can portray both an entire economy and its fine structure by plotting the production of each industry against its consumption from every other

By Wassily W. Leontief

The State of Genetics

Last summer the geneticists of many lands gathered for a week on Long Island. Their discussions reflected the ferment of a science that is changing both itself and the other provinces of biology...

By A. Buzzati-Traverso

Synthetic Detergents

The shortcomings of soap have given rise to a whole new family of cleansing substances. In the U. S. they are now consumed at a rate of a billion pounds a year

By Lawrence M. Kushner and James I. Hoffman

The Neutron

The uncharged fundamental particle is used on a vast scale to propagate the nuclear chain reaction and to probe the nature of matter. Of itself, however, it is something of an enigma

By Philip and Emily Morrison

Radiation from a Reactor

The photograph on the cover is the first to reveal the interior of an operating atomic pile. Of special interest to the physicist is the blue glow that surrounds the chain-reacting fuel elements...

By W. H. Jordan

Ernest Starling

The great English physiologist discovered hormones and the Law of the Heart. Although his name is remembered by his scientific successors, it has been forgotten by history to a curious degree...


The eve of November 1 is both a solemn religious occasion and a time of games and pranks. Many of its customs descend from a Druidical holiday that involved burning men in cages

By Ralph Linton

Life in the Depths of a Pond

The quiet waters of a small lake are an active universe of living things. On or near the bottom are tiny animals that are related to the whole yet unique in their adaptation to special conditions...

By Edward S. Deevey Jr.


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