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Natural Gas

In terms of energy the U. S. has more of this cheap, clean, convenient fuel than petroleum. A rapidly growing network of pipelines now bears it to almost all parts of the nation

By James J. Parsons

Rh and the Races of Man

The troublesome blood factor, the incidence of which varies in different parts of the world, is a means of tracing human blood relationships that have been lost in the mists of time

By William C. Boyd

The Rare Earths

They are neither earths nor especially rare. Their abundance as fission products of uranium has stimulated a new interest in their possible usefulness for the laboratory and industry

By Frank H. Spedding


The awe-inspiring mountains of melted rock reflect the dynamic activity of the earth's crust. Although they have caused much death and destruction, they are also useful and could be more so...

By Howel Williams

Sumerian "Farmer's Almanac"

The recent discovery of an inscribed clay tablet at the site of an ancient city near modern Baghdad has made possible the translation of a 3,500-year-old agricultural handbook

By Samuel Noah Kramer

Insects in Amber

In which the insect species that were trapped in the gum of pine trees 30 to 90 million years ago are compared with those caught in flypaper under similar conditions today

By Charles T. Brues

Surgical Cutting

Like the cutting of other craftsmen, it requires such tools as knives, scissors, chisels and saws. But the surgeon works under trying conditions, and nature always finishes his job

By Sir Heneage Ogilvie

Purple Bacteria

The behavior of these colored microorganisms in the presence or absence of light is a simple means of studying the basic mechanism by which living things react to their environment

By Roderick K. Clayton and Max Delbrück


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