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Solar Flares

Generally associated with the sunspots, these occasional eruptions in the atmosphere of the sun emit mighty blasts of energy which on earth cause auroras and disrupt radio and wire communication...

By John W. Evans

The Lethal Effects of Radiation

What is the mechanism by which high-energy waves and particles damage living things? A number of investigations have begun to outline it as a complex chain of physical and chemical events...

By Edward Spoerl

How to Teach Animals

Some simple techniques of the psychological laboratory can also be used in the home. They can train a dog to dance, a pigeon to play a toy piano and will illuminate the learning process in man...

By B. F. Skinner

Norway Reactor

Norwegians and Dutch join to build one of the heavy-water type


It is the migration of charged particles in a fluid between two electrical poles. In recent years the phenomenon has been used with signal success to study and to separate protein molecules...

By George W. Gray

The Scars of Human Evolution

Although man stands on two legs, his skeleton was originally designed for four. The result is some ingenious adaptations, not all of them successful

By Wilton M. Krogman

The Woodroach

This two-inch variety of the cockroach can be a convenient and useful laboratory animal. The effects of experimental operations on it may be significant with respect to mammals

By Berta Scharrer

Weather Instruments

The variable temperature, pressure, moisture and movement of the atmosphere are sensed by devices that have evolved from the rain gauge and the wind vane to rockets and radar

By David I. Blumenstock

Children's Books

Concerning the popularization of science for younger readers: a Christmas survey

By James R. Newman


  • 50 and 100 Years Ago: December 1951

  • Science and the Citizen

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    Letters to the Editors, December 1951

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    The Amateur Astronomer

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