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Cloud Seeding

It is now five years since dry ice was first used to make rain. An account of the present state of the technique, with special reference to the sowing of silver iodide for large-scale effects...

By Bernard Vonnegut

The Multiplicity of Particles

When the neutron was discovered in 1932, there were five basic units of matter and energy. Now there are perhaps 19, and physics needs a great theory that will unify them

By Robert E. Marshak

Molds and Men

Both harmful and useful, the ubiquitous fungi have had such diverse effects on our civilization as the decline of infectious disease and the increase in the number of Irishmen in the U...

By Ralph Emerson

The Geography of Steel

As our need for the metal increases, more of its raw materials are imported from other parts of the world. A general account of this situation at present, against a background of how steel is made...

By George H. T. Kimble

Tree Rings and Sunspots

Concerning the lifework of A. E. Douglass, who applies the regular variation in the growth pattern of conifers to the investigation of solar cycles and human history

By J. H. Rush


The word usually suggests masses of numerical information, but it also describes that department of mathematics which grapples with the complexity of nature by means of samples

By Warren Weaver

Animals by Audubon

The renowned painter of nature, best remembered for his birds, also drew other animals and published a massive work called "The Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America"

Father of Aviation Medicine

Paul Bert, a 19th-century physiologist and politician who was a disciple of the great Claude Bernard, laid the foundation for the study of life at high altitudes

By J. M. D. Olmsted


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