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Stream Pollution

The wastes of our civilization threaten one of its vital resources: pure water. The solution to the problem is the fuller utilization of modern methods of waste treatment

By Rolf Eliassen

Mound Builders of the Mississippi

Between the expeditions of De Soto (1541) and Marquette (1673) this thriving culture vanished from the valley. Its history is now being reconstructed, principally by an ingenious statistical method...

By James A. Ford

Smell and Taste

Two of the five senses depend upon chemical stimuli rather than physical. The chemistry of the substances that these senses can detect and differentiate are important clues to their mechanism...

By A. J. Haagen-Smit

The Quantum Theory

Concerning the early years of this fundamental concept of modern physics: how Max Planck formulated it at the turn of the century and how others enlarged it up to 1923

By Karl K. Darrow

Measuring Starlight by Photocell

The device which transforms light into electricity, used in conjunction with the telescope, has brought a new insight to some central problems of astronomy

By Joel Stebbins

Maxwell's Poetry

The great English physicist wrote some amusing light verse. Herewith a small sample of it, written mostly at the expense of the British Association for the Advancement of Science

By I. Bernard Cohen

How Animals Change Color

The chameleon is only one of many creatures that possess special cells for this purpose. Notable among the others: the catfish, the flounder, the tree toad, the squid and man

By Lorus J. and Margery J. Milne

Logic Machines

The ancient idea of a device which would test the validity of a system of thought has recently made progress. A very simple machine can be made from page 71 of this magazine

By Martin Gardner


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