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The Uses of Fission Products

The radioactive "ashes" of the reactors that make plutonium are potentially a valuable source of radiant energy. A recent study summarizes the ways in which they could be put to work

By Paul J. Lovewell

The Eradication of Malaria

In 1945 there were 411,600 cases in Italy; in the first half of 1951 there were 392. This success is an example of what might be done where the disease is still a grave problem

By Paul F. Russell

Turbulence in Space

A turbulent stream of water consists of eddies within eddies within eddies. These are only a small sample of the hierarchy of eddies which may extend even unto the motions of galaxies

By George Gamow

Ruling Engines

The increasing demand for diffraction gratings, which sort out the colors of light, is currently stimulating new improvements in the fantastically accurate machines which manufacture them...

By Albert G. Ingalls

William Harvey

The 17th-century English physician who discovered the circulation of the blood was a poor experimenter but laid the basis of modern biology and medicine

By Frederick G. Kilgour

Airport Radar

A new microwave set presents a remarkably detailed picture. It is presently being tested as an adjunct to the control of air traffic which shows the location of planes on the ground

Plant Cancer

The tumorous growth of plants called crown gall is analogous to malignant animal tumors. Because its origin is understood it is a valuable tool for the study of abnormal growth in cells

By Armin C. Braun

The History of a River

The Ohio is comparatively young. The course of its predecessor, mightier than the Mississippi, has now been traced by the work of many geologists and even exploited for the benefit of man...

By Raymond E. Janssen


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