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America's Oldest Roads

The highways of the Incas, which are in many respects more impressive than those of the Romans, are now to be explored for the light they shed on the life of the Peruvian empire

By Victor W. von Hagen

Science in the Art Museum

The modern scholar uses some ingenious physical and chemical methods to explore old paintings and other works of art, tell how they were made and protect them from the erosion of time

By Rutherford J. Gettens

The Junction Transistor

It is one of two forms of the remarkable device that amplifies electricity by the flow of electrons in a crystal. An account of its underlying principles and present state of development...

By Morgan Sparks

The Southern Sky

Some of the most meaningful objects in the heavens are not visible from the Northern Hemisphere. Presenting the first photographs from the new Schmidt telescope in South Africa

By Bart J. Bok

Lethal Heredity

Death is not only the end but also a part of life. As an inherited characteristic of living things, it is a significant clue to the mechanism of genetics

By Willard F. Hollander

Atomic Pile Chemistry

To separate plutonium and the uranium from which it is made is a difficult chemical problem. Any economic nuclear power plant will have the added problem of reclaiming its partly used fuel...

By John F. Flagg and Edwin L. Zebroski

Animals of the Bottom

An English laboratory uses the underwater photograph to count the populations of starfish et al., and to study their place in the whole society of marine organisms

By Henry G. Vevers

The Umbilical Cord

Until recently curiously little was known about this lifeline of the fetus. Now physiologists, mathematicians and engineers have discovered some impressive things about its performance

By Samuel R. M. Reynolds


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