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Chemical Agriculture

Farming is being revolutionized by new fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides, weed killers, leaf removers, soil conditioners, plant hormones, trace minerals, antibiotics and synthetic milk for pigs...

By Francis Joseph Weiss

The Spider and the Wasp

About the odd relationship between the tarantula and the giant wasp Pepsis. Although the tarantula can easily kill Pepsis, one species permits the wasp to sting it and lay an egg in its body...

By Alexander Petrunkevitch

The Rhind Papyrus

In 1700 B. C. an Egyptian scribe named A'h-mosè set down his "knowledge of existing things all," a document which is now the principal source of what we know of Egyptian mathematics...

By James R. Newman


The sickness that makes its victims gasp for breath has definite physiological causes. These are often amplified by psychological mechanisms, suggesting that the two aspects be treated together...

By William Kaufman


They are radio waves that range in length from about a quarter of an inch to two feet. Investigated during the war for their utility in radar, they are now widely applied in communication...

By J. R. Pierce

Running Records

In which a curve is plotted on the basis of the best human performance at each competitive distance, suggesting what marks are the most likely to be surpassed and by how much

By M. H. Lietzke

On the Origin of Glaciers

Numerous theories have been devised to account for the occasional advance of the great ice sheets. Most plausible to the geologist is a hypothesis that relates the growth of glaciers and mountains...

By Charles R. Warren

D'Arcy Thompson

The British biologist who died four years ago at 88 was a man of unique mold. His great book On Growth and Form dealt with all life in terms of physics and mathematics

By John Tyler Bonner


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