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Radio Stars

Radio astronomers have discovered stars that emit little or no light but much radio energy. To study such objects English workers are building the biggest radio telescope

By A. C. B. Lovell

Trace Elements

To maintain their health plants and animals require vanishingly small amounts of certain nutrients, the role of which is now under intensive investigation

By W. D. McElroy and C. P. Swanson

The Oldest Laws

On a clay tablet in Istanbul a University of Pennsylvania archaeologist has found the enlightened code of Ur-Nammu, who reigned over Sumer and Ur more than 4,000 years ago

By Samuel Noah Kramer

The Kidney

This remarkable organ not only filters wastes from the blood but also regulates the volume and composition of the fluids that constitute the subtle internal environment of the body

By Homer W. Smith

Crystals and the Future of Physics

A dialogue in which the author attempts to show Empeiros how the laws of physics, so many of which now elude us, may form a finite system that will some day soon be entirely worked out

By Philippe Le Corbeiller

Psychotherapy for Schizophrenia

The psychosis ranks with cancer as a problem of public health. It is treated by shock and surgery and now by psychoanalysis, which, though slow and difficult, has had encouraging success...

By Don D. Jackson

Wood Structure

Trees are still the most versatile source of structural material. Each species has a characteristic organization of cells due to the special conditions of its existence

By Simon Williams

The Metabolism of Hummingbirds

Its remarkably high rate raises such questions as what keeps these tiny creatures from starving at night and how they are able to migrate across the Gulf of Mexico

By Oliver P. Pearson


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