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Planets from Palomar

The 200-inch telescope has now been employed to make photographs of objects within the solar system. What do the plates show, and how can better ones be made?

By Alice Beach

The Geography of Disease

Part of man's relationship with his environment is sickness; thus a greater knowledge of its pattern among peoples and places can assist in its control

By Jacques M. May

Insect Breathing

Although these small creatures use oxygen, they have no lungs. Each cell gets the gas from a private conduit, a fact that is not only interesting but also important to the welfare of man...

By Carroll M. Williams

The Chemistry of Heredity

We know that factors in the nucleus deeply influence the life of the cell, but exactly how do they do so? The search for an answer proceeds by the chemical investigation of chromosomes

By A. E. Mirsky

Incriminating Stains

The police laboratory uses a variety of scientific techniques. Not the least is the theory of probability, which brings new insight to the proof of guilt and the vindication of innocence...

By Charles E. O'Hara and James W. Osterburg

Light Scattered by Particles

A laboratory procedure that measures the size of colloidal particles in liquids or gases utilizes the same phenomenon that causes the blue of the sky and the red of the sunset

By Victor K. La Mer and Milton Kerker

William Kingdon Clifford

He was a brilliant participant in the mathematical revolution of the 19th century, and is a memorable example for the popularizer and citizen of science

By James R. Newman


This little-known disease is surprisingly widespread and sometimes fatal. Although it has been studied for 50 years, it is still a medical and biological enigma

By Reginald D. Manwell and Hans Peter Drobeck


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