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The Practice of Quality Control

The statistical analysis of manufacturing processes has become a powerful tool of technology. An account of how its principles are now applied in the factory

By A. G. Dalton

The Evolution of Stars

Many astronomers believe that stars may be old, middle-aged or young. New studies indicate that the age of some may be less than a million years

By Otto Struve

Discoveries in Nitrogen Fixation

Until recently only a few microorganisms were thought to fix the nitrogen of the atmosphere in the form essential to higher plant and animal life. Now a number of others have been found

By Martin D. Kamen

What is Pain?

It is surprisingly difficult to answer the question because the perception of injury involves a subtle blend of physiological and psychological factors

By W. K. Livingston

The Mass Spectrometer

This sensitive instrument sorts atoms and molecules of various weights by means of a magnetic field. Developed by physicists, it is now widely utilized in other sciences and in technology...

By Alfred O. C. Nier

The Embryologist and the Protozoon

A tale of the biological laboratory. A one-celled animal is cut to pieces with curious results that clarify how a fertilized egg gives rise to the specialized tissues of a many-celled organism...

By Paul B. Weisz

Perfect Numbers

Six is such a number: it is the sum of all numbers that divide it except itself. In 2,000 years 12 perfect numbers were found; now a computer has discovered five more

By Constance Reid

Captain Bligh and the Breadfruit

The voyage of the Bounty, which ended in the celebrated mutiny, was undertaken for an almost forgotten purpose: to bring a plant from the South Seas to the West Indies

By Richard A. Howard


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