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High-Speed Chemistry

The study of extremely fast reactions in flame fronts and in other chemical combinations is opening an entirely new field of chemistry. It presages the chemical plant of the future

By Lawrence P. Lessing

The Multiplication of Bacterial Viruses

The organisms that infect bacteria provide a means of studying the mechanism of heredity. Some new tracer experiments reveal that their reproduction has several rather unexpected features...

By Gunther S. Stent

A 100-Billion-Volt Accelerator

A year ago subatomic particles were for the first time accelerated to energies of more than a billion electron volts. Now a much more powerful machine is in prospect

By Ernest D. Courant

Television and the Election

The new medium played an important part in the recent presidential campaign. How did it compare with radio, newspapers and magazines as a source of information?

By Angus Campbell, Gerald Gurin and Warren E. Miller


The red planet has been intensively studied by many gifted astronomers. The assembled observations have now given us a remarkably detailed picture of its surface and atmosphere

By Gérard de Vaucouleurs

The Termite and the Cell

Like the cells of an embryo, the nymphs of a termite colony differentiate into various forms. The analogy has suggested experiments with termites as a way to study both phenomena

By Martin Lüscher

The Mortality of Trout

The handsome and succulent inhabitants of our purest inland waters suffer grievous losses to their rigorous environment. In this attrition the angler plays a surprisingly small role

By Paul R. Needham

The Voyage of the "Challenger"

From 1872 to 1876 a doughty little ship sailed the seven seas and gathered an unprecedented amount of information about them, thereby founding the science of oceanography

By Herbert S. Bailey


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