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The Nuclear Reactor as a Research Instrument

The blizzard of neutrons in an atomic pile may be channeled to probe the nature of matter. Their application in ingenious experiments makes important contributions to basic physics

By Donald J. Hughes

Archaeology and the Earliest Art

The mightily creative men of Upper Paleolithic France and Spain adorned caves with everything from finger tracings to paintings. where do these works fit into history, and why were they made?...

By Hallam L. Movius Jr.

Soil Conditioners

The wonder chemicals that burst upon the agricultural world last year have now been tested in the experiment stations. An account of what the tests have indicated

By C. L. W. Swanson

Cell Division

Called mitosis, it is the process by which units of living matter duplicate themselves. Its delicate apparatus is now investigated by the remarkable feat of isolating it from the rest of the cell...

By Daniel Mazia

Francis Hauksbee

In a series of ingenious experiments this uneducated artisan first established a connection between electricity and light and lay the groundwork for new discoveries in electrostatics

By Duane and Duane H. D. Roller

Essential Oils

The aromatic exudations of plants are essential to the ancient perfume and flavor industry and to modern chemical technology. Why plants make them, however, is still imperfectly understood...

By A. J. Haagen-Smit

The Genetics of the Dunkers

In the hands, ears and blood of the members of this small religious sect a geneticist finds evidence for an important force in human evolution: genetic drift

By H. Bentley Glass

The Origin of the Atmosphere

Air is the product of vast events in the geologic past. The knowledge acquired by many sciences may be brought together to provide a reasonable account of its history

By Helmut E. Landsberg


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