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Algae as Food

The one-celled plant Chlorella may become an important part of the world's food supply. An account of the first, promising attempts to grow it economically on a mass scale

By Harold W. Milner

High-Speed Research Airplanes

An account of what can be told in public about the investigation of flight at speeds beyond "the sound barrier" now being conducted by NACA in partnership with the military services and industry...

By Walter T. Bonney

Chemical Analysis by Infrared

Electromagnetic waves make the atoms in a compound vibrate. The frequencies to which a substance responds can tell much about its structure and about the nature of chemical bonds

By Bryce Crawford Jr.

Human Growth

The complete physical, physiological and psychological histories of 160 boys and girls recorded by the Denver Child Research Council are yielding a clear picture of how a normal individual grows up...

By George W. Gray

Evolution Observed

The study of bacteria through as many as 7,000 generations shows that the strain goes on improving indefinitely even in a constant environment, as mutation and selection produce ever fitter types...

By Francis J. Ryan

History in a Peat Bog

The floor of an ancient Danish lake yields relics of Dark Age tribal conflicts that are remembered today in the legends of Beowulf and King Arthur

By Thomas G. Bibby

Michael Faraday

His great series of discoveries in electromagnetism founded the electrical industry, but his greatest achievement was the field concept. In this he was a bold precursor of Einstein

By Herbert Kondo

How a Rattlesnake Strikes

An investigation with high-speed photography probes a question of some interest to herpetologists as well as potential victims: Does it stab you with its fangs or close its jaws in a true bite?...

By Walker Van Riper


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