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Trade-Wind Clouds

The easterlies that blow across the subtropical oceans contain cumuli which act as fuel pumps for the atmospheric heat engine. They are studied by the simple stratagem of flying through them...

By Joanne Starr Malkus

Scintillation Counters

When certain substances are hit by a ray or particle, they emit light. Joined to a device which amplifies the flash, they make an instrument of great versatility and large importance to the progress of physics...

By George B. Collins

A Forgotten Empire of Antiquity

At the time of the first civilizations in Egypt and Mesopotamia a much larger one flourished in western India. It achieved great works, and then curiously did not change for a thousand years...

By Stuart Piggott

The Gas Turbine

The evolution of this new heat engine proceeds at a brisk pace. Originally developed for airplanes, it has now been tested in trucks, locomotives and stationary power plants

By Lawrence P. Lessing

How Children Form Mathematical Concepts

Describing some remarkable experiments which the reader, if he has a subject handy, may perform himself. Among other things they show that in a child the historical development of geometry is reversed...

By Jean Piaget

Progress in Photosynthesis

In which the author describes some developments since his article of 1948, which summarized our knowledge of how plants can harness sunlight to make the stuff of life out of carbon dioxide and water...

By Eugene I. Rabinowitch


They have a subtle apparatus to determine when the water is suited to their needs and to filter good things from it. This and other aspects of their way of life are studied to increase their numbers...

By Pieter Korringa

G. F. FitzGerald

He conceived the "FitzGerald contraction" to explain the failure of a celebrated experiment to detect the aether. He died in 1901, too soon to know that his notion led to the theory of relativity...

By Sir Edmund Whittaker


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