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The Mental Health of the Hutterites

How a small German religious sect of the western U. S. and Canada was studied to determine whether its unique cultural background affected the occurrence of neuroses and psychoses among its people...

By Joseph W. Eaton and Robert J. Weil

Viruses within Cells

Until recently the electron microscope could make these small organisms visible only if they were isolated. Now an ingenious technique of preparation reveals them in their natural habitat...

By Joseph L. Melnick

Radio Waves from Interstellar Hydrogen

The thin clouds of hydrogen in space radiate energy at a frequency of 1420 megacycles and a wavelength of 21 centimeters. Astronomers use the phenomenon to locate the clouds and to detect their motion...

By Harold I. Ewen

Fossil Man

Modern man has taken from the earth the remains of many creatures that dimly outline his evolution. Their bones offer no clue, however, to the forces which caused the rapid development of his unique brain...

By Loren C. Eiseley

Free Radicals

Having nothing whatever to do with politics, they are combinations of atoms which have a brief individuality in the course of chemical reactions and which are studied to show how the reactions proceed...

By Paul D. Bartlett

The Heat Barrier

It lies beyond the sound barrier as an obstacle to high-speed flight. If the airplanes of the future are to pierce it, they may bear a surprising resemblance to airplanes of the past

By Fritz Haber

Alcohol in the Body

Because alcoholic beverages have been an intimate part of human life throughout history, their effects have given rise to a large folklore, most of which modern physiology has shown to be wrong...

By Leon A. Greenberg

Experiments in Acquired Characteristics

Ostrich calluses and many other inherited features are difficult to explain by chance mutation. The author believes that the work of modern embryology now makes a Darwinian explanation possible...

By C. H. Waddington

Children's Books

A fourth annual survey of writing about science for younger readers

By James R. Newman


  • 50 and 100 Years Ago: December 1953

  • Science and the Citizen: December 1953

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    Letters to the Editors, December 1953

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