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Computers in Business

The large electronic machines, heretofore found only in the computation laboratory, are now being applied to the automatic handling of entire office procedures

By Lawrence P. Lessing

Snow Avalanches

As man enlarges his activities in mountain regions these natural juggernauts pose more of a problem. Ten phenomena that give rise to them have been found, suggesting methods for their prediction...

By Montgomery M. Atwater

The Metabolism of Fats

Together with the metabolism of sugar it provides the bulk of animal energy. Its key is the oxidation of fatty acids, a full knowledge of which has been obtained only this year

By David E. Green

Conditioning and Emotions

An account of a long-range study in which neuroses are induced in sheep and goats to clarify how irrational emotional behavior originates and ultimately to indicate how it may be prevented...

By Howard S. Liddell

The Shape of Things

The comparison of crystals, soap bubbles, crazed ash trays, insect wings, living cells and other objects demonstrates the rigorous relationship between natural forces and forms

By Cyril Stanley Smith

Olduvai Gorge

This cleft in a remote African plain cuts through deposits uniquely rich in the remains of weird animals and the tools of early men who lived from 400,000 to 15,000 years ago

By L. S. B. Leakey

Francis Galton

The remarkable product of a grander age, this great Englishman stirred up every science of his day. His passion for measuring everything from boredom to peas led to the concept of correlation...

By James R. Newman

Strangler Trees

In tropical forests certain tree species climb toward the sun on the trunks of others and choke them to death. These strange plants illustrate a central problem in the theory of evolution...

By Theodosius Dobzhansky and João Murça-Pires


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