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The National Science Foundation Takes Stock

Some $16 million in funds over three years and a mass of new statistics showing the need for more sum up the short, spartan history of the first U. S. agency for basic science

By Lawrence P. Lessing

The Life Cycle of a Virus

What happens in the time between the infection of a cell and the appearance of new viruses? The behavior of bacteriophages suggests that this stage involves a new concept: the provirus

By Andr Lwoff

The Epidemiology of Mental Disease

The methods of investigating infectious disease in populations have recently been turned to the question of whether one group has a pattern of mental illness differing from that of another...

By Ernest M. Gruenberg

Modern Cosmology

Its theories utilize evidence from such things as the decay of atoms, the metabolism of stars and the flight of galaxies to describe the structure of the Universe in space and time

By George Gamow

The Peru Current

Although it flows through tropical waters, this oceanic stream is cool and rich in life. Sometimes it vanishes, a curious phenomenon investigated by a recent expedition

By Gerald S. Posner

Muscle as a Machine

The contractile tissue converts chemical into mechanical energy with remarkable efficiency. The authors study this significant process by making gels with similar properties

By A. Katchalsky and S. Lifson

Bird Sonar

How the great Humboldt, by describing the melancholy shriek of strange nocturnal birds called guacharos, brought a modern naturalist to a cavern in Venezuela to study their navigation

By Donald R. Griffin

The Klystron

Long overshadowed by the famous magnetron, this ingenious radio tube has now come into its own as a broadly useful means of generating, receiving and amplifying microwaves

By Edward L. Ginzton


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