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The Control of Fertility

The problem of balancing population with natural resources resides in the human reproductive cycle. The study of this cycle has suggested new ways in which it can be interrupted...

By Abraham Stone

Biological Clocks and the Fiddler Crab

What is the mechanism that times the rhythms of life? The answer is sought in the regular changes of color and metabolism of a small inhabitant of the seashore

By Frank A. Brown Jr.

Tritium in Nature

The heaviest isotope of hydrogen is made not only by man in nuclear reactors but also by cosmic rays in the atmosphere. Its radioactive atoms can be used to trace natural processes...

By Willard F. Libby

The Form Of Cities

A city is the characteristic physical and social unit of civilization. It possesses size, density, grain, outline and pattern. The people who live in it shape these properties and are shaped by them...

By Kevin Lynch

The Late Edwin H. Armstrong

The tragic death of the principal creator of modern radio occasions this brief review of the trials and tribulations and achievements of an independent inventor in the U. S.

By Lawrence P. Lessing

Heat Death

A brook trout perishes at room temperature; a frog, when one of its limbs is placed in warm water. Every animal has its own fatal temperature, determined by the stuff of its cells

By L. V. Heilbrunn

Ancient Jericho

By digging through its layered remains archaeologists have found that it flourished 4,000 years before it fell to the Israelites. Indeed, it may be the oldest town in the world

By Kathleen M. Kenyon

Geometry And Intuition

A classic description of how "common sense," once accepted as the basis of physics but now rejected, is also inadequate as a foundation for mathematics

By Hans Hahn


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