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The Electoral Switch of 1952

The last Presidential election represented a major change in the behavior of the U. S. electorate. An account of a large-scale study of what kinds of voters changed and why

By Angus Campbell, Gerald Gurin and Warren E. Miller

Tides in the Atmosphere

Like tides in the sea, they rise and fall twice a day. Unlike sea tides, they are due to the sun more than the moon. Still the moon contributes a tiny beat to their regular oscillation

By Sydney Chapman

The Ripening of Fruit

It is a transformation that resembles aging in other tissues, both plant and animal. Thus it is studied not only for practical purposes, but also to gain information about all life processes...

By J. B. Biale


Sound too high for human hearing has a peculiar fascination which perhaps explains Why so much is expected of it. If its applications are few, they are impressive and promise others

By George E. Henry

The Life of an Estuary

In the mouth of a river dwells a rich assortment of creatures from protozoans to fishes. Their environment is perilous, but some clever biological mechanisms enable them to flourish

By Robert M. Ingle

The Language of Homer's Heroes

In 1952 an English architect deciphered the script called Linear B, providing a new key to the study of the people who lived in Greece 800 years before its classical period

By Jotham Johnson

Are Wild Animals in Captivity Really Wild?

Behind the bars of the zoo the lion drowses and the elephant clowns. Let no one be deceived, says the author. Such animals are not domesticated. Turned loose they can become wild again

By H. Hediger

William Rowan Hamilton

This 19th-century Irishman was a famous child prodigy who later became one of the greatest of all mathematicians. His calculus of quaternions has come to the fore in modern theoretical physics...

By Sir Edmund Whittaker


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