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Fort Monmouth

A report of the Scientists' Committee on Loyalty and Security, which examined the results of the widely publicized security investigations at the Signal Corps Engineering Laboratories

By Ernest C. Pollard and John B. Phelps


By flying through furious winds into the calm, clear "eye" of these vast storms, meteorologists are beginning to learn something of their complex Origins, structure and behavior

By R. H. Simpson

Insect Control and the Balance of Nature

The common alfalfa caterpillar provides a good example of how a pest may be controlled not only with insecticides but also by manipulating the ecological system of which it is a part

By Ray F. Smith and William W. Allen

The Electrical Activity of the Brain

By recording the pulsation of tiny currents from various parts of the head the electroencephalographer diagnoses brain disorders and studies the basic mechanism of mind

By W. Grey Walter

The Boiling of Liquids

The phenomenon is studied because of problems in the transfer of heat from solids. It seems that the familiar burbling of water in a teakettle is only one of three ways in which liquids can boil...

By J. W. Westwater

Fertilization and Antibodies

What is the chemical basis for the union of a sperm and an egg? A wide variety of experiments indicates that the event resembles the neutralization of a disease-producing antigen by an antibody...

By Albert Tyler


He did great work in mathematics, physics and astronomy but was not an entirely admirable man. While pursuing his scientific career he served three French governments: republic, empire and monarchy...

By James R. Newman

Early Man in the Arctic

The similarity of stone tools found at many locations around the North Pole suggests that a well-defined culture existed in the Arctic long before man migrated southward in America

By J. L. Giddings


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