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Economic Psychology

Recent investigations of the human element in Economic Man may help to explain why the behavior of businessmen and consumers departs so often and so radically from the textbook predictions...

By George Katona

Uranium from Coal

The Bad Lands of the Dakotas have never been good for much except as a hideout for outlaws and warring Indians. Now the high buttes are found to bear surprising amounts of uranium

By Ralph L. Miller and James R. Gill

The Linear Accelerator

The early idea of accelerating particles in straight lines instead of circles has made a strong comeback. Linear machines generate electron or proton beams of respectable velocity and sharp focus...

By Wolfgang Panofsky

The Structure of the Hereditary Material

An account of the investigations which have led to the formulation of an understandable structure for DNA. The chemical reactions of this material within the nucleus gOvern the process of reproduction...

By F. H. C. Crick


Most absorb energy at invisible wavelengths and emit it as visible light. Recent work on the physics of luminescence is making possible the design of phosphors for specific purposes

By J. S. Prener and D. B. Sullenger


Clergyman and experimenter, he isolated oxygen and other gases. Although he was one of the first scientists of his day, he was forced to choose exile in America because of his political views...

By Mitchell Wilson

The Sun Navigation of Animals

Observation of such diverse creatures as bees, birds and a tiny crustacean indicates that they possess a common faculty to use the sun as a compass and a clock to guide their travels.

By Hans Kalmus

The Biology of the Negro

In America the continuing amalgamation of Africans, Caucasians and Indians is forming a people of mixed genetic character. Centuries hence students may ask, "What became of the Negro?"

By Curt Stern


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