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The Atomic Energy Act of 1954

A legal scholar and long-time student of atomic energy matters examines the new legislation, discussing its major provisions and attempting to forecast how they will work out in practice...

By David F. Cavers

The Origin of Meteorites

Before they crash to earth these stony or metallic objects are exposed to cosmic rays. Helium produced by this bombardment provides a new clue to the planetary catastrophes of the past

By S. Fred Singer

The Courtship of Animals

The elaborate patterns of behavior that precede mating in some species present a puzzling biological problem. Their function is sought through the classic interplay of theory and experiment...

By N. Tinbergen


The web of modern ground transportation is only as strong as its bridges. An account of their development, with special reference to two great new bridges and the problem of bridge aerodynamics...

By David B. Steinman

How Antibodies are Made

How do cells manufacture the molecules that neutralize foreign substances? The answer is not known, but the author discusses an hypothesis that accounts for some curious new observations...

By Sir Macfarlane Burnet

The Curvature of Space

Just 100 years ago the young Bernhard Riemann gave his famed paper on the foundations of geometry. He discussed space of four or more dimensions, and paved the way for the General Theory of Relativity...

By P. Le Corbeiller


In the U. S. it causes 20,000 deaths a year, 10 times as many as those due to poliomyelitis. Its psychological and social factors are studied in the hope it can be prevented

By Don D. Jackson

Trade in the Ancient World

The seaborne commerce of Rome was unsurpassed until relatively recent times. Evidence for this marine traffic comes from many sources, including the newly stimulated underwater archaeology...

By Lionel Casson


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