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Are Scientists Different?

The question is raised by the current friction between scientists and government officials. The answer is sought in the differences between scientists and nonscientists in a group studied since 1921...

By Lewis M. Terman

The Anatomy of the Atlantic

This vast body of water has an architecture not only of currents but also of temperature, saltiness and oxygen content. The details have emerged from the oceanographic voyages of the past 30 years...

By Henry Stommel


The odd appeal of hovering flight may have led people to expect too much of the machines too soon. However, their technological evolution now promises some real progress in their general use...

By Lawrence P. Lessing


Substances as diverse in their effects as vitamin D, the sex hormones and cortisone are chemically very much alike. Their study has been one of the major efforts of modern chemistry.

By Louis F. Fieser

The Return of the Gray Whale

All winter long these smallish whales parade down the Pacific Coast to their breeding grounds. They have twice come back from the brink of extinction, which presents several interesting biological questions...

By Raymond M. Gilmore

Magnetic Materials

Recent advances in the theory of magnetism have explained why some substances can be magnetized while others cannot. Better magnets may soon result from the new understanding

By Richard M. Bozorth


These microorganisms cause epidemic typhus and other serious infectious diseases. They intrigue the microbiologist because of their evolutionary position between the viruses and bacteria...

By Marianna R. Bovarnick

Projective Geometry

Renaissance painters created it to represent three-dimensional reality in two dimensions. Their invention finally transcended Euclidean geometry and today forms an integral part of physics...

By Morris Kline


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