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Albert Einstein: 1879-1955

By I. I. Rabi and Niels Bohr

Experimental Psychoses

When the drug called LSD is administered to human subjects, it produces the symptoms of psychosis. The phenomenon provides a remarkable new tool for the investigation of psychotic states...

Radio Waves from the Sun

To radio "eyes" the Sun is usually a dim object, but occasionally it is brilliant. These blasts of radio energy are associated with the streams of corpuscles that cause magnetic storms on the Earth...

By J. P. Wild

James Clerk Maxwell

In the same year that Einstein was born, the man who was perhaps his greatest immediate predecessor died. Generally regarded as an abstract theoretician, Maxwell relied heavily on mechanical models...

By James R. Newman

Learning in the Canary

Concerning some engaging experiments in which these domestic pets demonstrate unexpected ability to perform such feats as placing one box on top of another to reach a pellet of grain

By Nicholas Pastore

Antibiotics against Plant Diseases

Antibiotics have already been used to preserve food and to promote the growth of farm animals. Recent experiments show that they also control rot, blight, smut, wilt, mold and mildew in certain plants...

By David Pramer

Computer Memories

A large mathematical machine must be able to store information and refer to it. This requirement has stimulated the evolution of information-storage units based on various physical effects...

By Louis N. Ridenour

The Germ of Tuberculosis

The biology of the tubercle bacillus is studied to control its multiplication in man. Out of these investigations have come encouraging advances in the treatment of the disease

By Esmond R. Long


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