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Automatic Manufacture of Electronic Equipment

"Modular design" of the parts of electronic circuits transforms the traditional hand-assembled maze into an orderly collection of uniform elements that can be plugged together automatically...

By Lawrence P. Lessing

Radioactive Poisons

The term refers to those radioactive atoms and molecules which, when they enter the human body, tend to accumulate in certain organs and subject them to damaging radiation

By Jack Schubert

Long-Range Weather Forecasting

Although predictions of a season or more still lack a sound basis, those of a week or a month are greatly improved. They rest on a deeper knowledge of huge waves in the atmosphere

By Jerome Namias

The Honeybee

Studied by man for centuries, it is still the subject of delighted investigation. Its individual and social characteristics illuminate the differences and similarities between insects and higher animals...

By Ronald Ribbands

The Speed of Light

Methods for measuring this universal constant have become more and more precise. Yet today there is considerable doubt about the true value. It may even have changed in the past 20 years...

By J. H. Rush


They are inactive pills or injections that are designed to look like the real thing. Physicians use them for their psychological effect on the patient or as controls to test new pharmaceuticals...

By Louis Lasagna

The Homing Salmon

How do salmon find their way back to the waters of their birth? Recent experiments in the laboratory and in the field indicate that they do so by means of a remarkably refined sense of smell...

By Arthur D. Hasler and James A. Larsen

The Changing American Language

In spite of education and communication our speech continues to evolve with such phenomena as palatalization, epenthesis, aphaeresis, anaptyxis, apocope, syncope, and recessive accent

By Jotham Johnson


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