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The Geneva Conference

In a setting rich in a history of men's quest for peace, international cooperation was furthered by the greatest scientific conclave of all time. Delegates of 72 nations shared their nuclear knowledge...

By Robert A. Charpie

Geneva: Chemistry

The exchange of ideas on reactor material problems, from prospecting to fuel element fabrication, opened the way to work on design of power plants for every nation's needs

By F. Hudswell and J. M. Fletcher

Geneva: Biology

Hazards of radiation have been minimized by safety standards which are strikingly similar in all countries, but geneticists still worry about the long-range effects of small, steady doses...

By C. A. Mawson

Geneva: Reactors

Hopes for harnessing atomic power were brightened by the reports of scientists from many nations. It was demonstrated again that no country holds a monopoly on nuclear knowledge

By Robert A. Charpie

Information Transfer in the Living Cell

Comparing components of genetic material to playing card suits, the author suggests how cells store their identities in the form of chemical codes which they use to build replicas of themselves...

By George Gamow

The New Psychiatric Drugs

How a trio of "tranquilizing" substances- chlorpromazine, reserpine and Frenquel—have opened up a new approach to investigation of the biochemistry of mental illness

By Harold E. Himwich

Nocturnal Animals

Both predator and prey know their woodlands as intimately as an expert pianist knows the piano keyboard. The animals' blindness to red light makes it possible to observe them

By H. N. Southern

Maupertuis, a Forgotten Genius

Interpreter of Newton, forerunner of Mendel and Darwin, he earned the admiration of great men in a vital time. But he ran afoul of Voltaire, who mocked him into virtual oblivion

By H. Bentley Glass


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