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Opinions and Social Pressure

Exactly what is the effect of the opinions of others on our own? In other words, how strong is the urge toward social conformity? The question is approached by means of some unusual experiments...

By Solomon E. Asch

The Trenches of the Pacific

The floor of the great ocean is incised with tremendous furrows. The bottoms of several are farther below sea level than Everest is above it. They are clues to the history of the earth's crust...

By Robert L. Fisher and Roger Revelle

Synthetic Diamonds

Their recent production was the culmination of a hundred years of attempts, some of which were claimed to be successful. An account of these efforts and the thermodynamic laws defining the problem...

By P. W. Bridgman

Radiation and Human Mutation

In which the fundamental process of human evolution is discussed, with special reference to trends that may be caused by artificial radioactivity, medical X-rays and the preservation of harmful genes...

By H. J. Muller

"Empty" Space

The vast reaches between stars contain about one atom per cubic centimeter, perhaps a quarter of the matter in our galaxy. This substance is made visible by the ultraviolet radiation of stars...

By H. C. van de Hulst

What Makes Leaves Fall?

Plants shed their leaves not only in the fall, but continuously. New experiments indicate that they do so when old leaves flag in their production of the hormone auxin and young leaves make more...

By William P. Jacobs

Etruscan Metallurgy

Ancient Etruria, which extended roughly from Rome to Florence, was the birthplace of metallurgical industry. Today metallurgists seek the formula of its remarkable bronze and mine its slag heaps...

By Aldo Neppi Modona

Too Many Deer

A biologist demonstrates that the number of deer is regulated not by predators, including man, but by their food supply. The moral: More hunting would result in healthier deer and less damage to crops...

By A. Starker Leopold


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