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Translation by Machine

Its wide study has been stimulated by the need of scientists to keep abreast of publications in several languages. Although a mechanical translator still does not exist, encouraging progress has been made...

By William N. Locke


They are musical sounds that may be heard in a radio receiver tuned to very low frequencies. Originating in the atmosphere, they provide a new method for exploring its outlying regions

By L. R. O. Storey

Early Environment

How do environmental influences at the beginning of life shape the behavior of an animal? Some clues are found by experiments in which Scottish terriers are raised in restricted surroundings...

By William R. Thompson and Ronald Melzack

The Neutrino

For 25 years the theoretical structure of physics has assumed a fundamental particle which has never actually been detected. Its existence may now be confirmed by a remarkable experiment...

By Philip Morrison


Exactly how does the need for water give rise to this familiar, and occasionally excruciating, sensation? The reader is advised to begin this article only if he has a cool drink near at hand...

By A. V. Wolf


Carotene, the pigment named after the carrot, belongs to a large family of biological molecules. These are found in a spectacular assortment of organisms, but their function is little understood...

By Sylvia Frank

Ambroise Paré

This 16th-century Frenchman was one of the founders of modern surgery. He spent most of his professional life on military campaigns, where he developed many of his humane skills in the treatment of gunshot wounds...

By Sir Geoffrey Keynes

The Sargasso Sea

It is commonly supposed that this area of the Atlantic is so thick with seaweed that ships cannot penetrate it. Although it is indeed strewn with floating Sargassum, it is actually a biological desert...

By John H. Ryther


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