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Stress in Combat

What physiological and psychological responses do men exhibit under great pressure? An account of a remarkable investigation undertaken by a group of scientists during an engagement in Korea...

By Stanley W. Davis

Forest Clearance in the Stone Age

During the Neolithic period the hunters of northern Europe gradually became farmers. Using their tools and methods, Danish investigators have re-enacted how they cleared the land and cultivated their crops...

By Johannes Iversen

Experiments in Protein Synthesis

How does the cell assemble the small molecules of amino acids into the large ones of proteins? Here the problem is attacked by chemical dissection of the synthetic machinery of bacteria

By Ernest F. Gale

World Population

After an extended trip around the world, an eminent biologist discusses the present status of the race between the increase in the number of people and the rise of their food production

By Julian Huxley

Electronic Photography of Stars

The power of present telescopes may soon be increased by devices that convert the light of faint stars and galaxies into electrons, which may then be accelerated and focused on a photographic plate...

By William A. Baum

"Jocular Physics"

Last October Niels Bohr celebrated his 70th birthday. Physicists all over the world observed the event, some of them by contributing satirical articles on physics

By O. R. Frisch

The Straight Line

Euclid's definition of it is worthless, but his axioms remain basically sound. His successors in mathematics have extended his ideas to the curved line and a clearer concept of length

By Morris Kline

The Flight of Locusts

The tiny forces which a locust exerts in propelling itself through the air have been measured in a series of delicate experiments. The insect's muscle is surprisingly efficient

By Torkel Weis-Fogh


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