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Ancient Masters of the Desert

In the Negev of Israel are the structures of a remarkable people who tilled the soil on an average of only four inches of rain per year. Their works are helping to revive agriculture in the region...

By Michael Evenari and Dov Koller

Low-Speed Flight

As airplanes fly faster, they also land faster. New techniques of reducing landing speed are studied by means of a wind tunnel in which the flow of air is made visible by filaments of smoke...

By David C. Hazen and Rudolf F. Lehnert

The Clouds of Magellan

These two ornaments of the skies visible from the Southern Hemisphere are the galaxies nearest our own. Long believed to be formless, they now appear to have a spiral structure

By Gérard de Vaucouleurs


Although we take its properties for granted, they are most unusual. As an example, it has the rare property of being lighter as a solid than a liquid. If it were not, lakes would freeze from the bottom up!...

By Arthur M. Buswell and Worth H. Rodebush

Animal Sounds in the Sea

During World War II underwater-sound men were puzzled to hear weird noises that were not made by ships. Now it is known that many marine species emit, among other sounds, chirps, whistles, grunts and groans...

By Marie Poland Fish

The Human Crop

All animals are ultimately nourished by plants. Therefore the abundance of plants regulates the quantity of animals. How many acres of vegetation does it take to raise a man?

By Edward S. Deevey Jr.

Lewis Carroll: Mathematician

Many people who have read "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" and "Through the Looking-Glass" are aware that the author was a mathematician. Exactly what was his work in mathematics?...

By Warren Weaver

Brains and Cocoons

The fluffy shroud of the silkworm represents a map of its spinning movements. This pattern may be altered by brain surgery, shedding light on the relationship between the nervous system and behavior...

By William G. Van der Kloot


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