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Studies in Corrosion

Technetium, the synthetic element found in the products of uranium, fission, strongly inhibits the oxidation of iron. This phenomenon suggests a new explanation for the action of corrosion inhibitors...

By G. H. Cartledge

The Tracks of Nuclear Particles

Each constituent of the atom is characterized by its trajectory through matter. Here these signatures are discussed with special reference to their visualization in thick photographic emulsions...

By Herman Yagoda

The Eye and the Brain

If the optic nerve of a newt is cut and its eye is turned through 180 degrees, the nerve regenerates and the animal sees upside down. Such results deeply affect our picture of how the nervous system develops...

By R. W. Sperry

Cultural Evolution

The 19th-century idea that cultures evolve in the same way as plants and animals was abandoned when anthropologists found that it did not jibe with their observations. Now the evolutionary approach is revived...

By Julian H. Steward


This 18th-century Frenchman is best known as the founder of modern chemistry. He was also a remarkable biologist, farmer, technologist, financier, economist and politician

By Denis I. Duveen

The Growth of Mushrooms

The sudden appearance of mushrooms after a summer rain is one of the more impressive spectacles of the plant world. How does the mushroom achieve this remarkably fast growth?

By John Tyler Bonner

Stick and Slip

When two substances rub against each other, they frequently stick and then slip. The phenomenon accounts for the squeak of bearings, the music of violins and many other sounds of our daily experience...

By Ernest Rabinowicz

Heart Sounds

For more than a century physicians have listened to the slapping of the valves in the heart with the stethoscope. Now these sounds can be subjected to refined analysis with modern electronic gear...

By Victor A. McKusick


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