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The Antiproton

A quarter-century ago physical theory pointed to the existence of a fundamental particle of matter with the mass of the proton but the opposite charge. An account of its discovery last year...

By Clyde E. Wiegand and Emilio Segr

Rebuilding A Virus

The tobacco mosaic virus is composed of protein and nucleic acid, which may be separated by gentle chemical treatment. When the two components are mixed together, they form infective virus particles...

By Heinz Fraenkel-Conrat

Bower Birds

The males of these species found in Australia and New Guinea build elaborate bowers decorated with, among other things, pebbles, flowers, sea shells, beer-bottle tops, car keys and charcoal mixed with saliva...

By A. J. Marshall

Gödel's Proof

Although little known, it is a landmark of 20th-century thought. The proof brought to light certain astonishing limitations which have always been inherent in mathematics and mathematical logic...

By James R. Newman and Ernest Nagel

Oreopithecus: Homunculus or Monkey?

This fossil primate has recently been described as manlike, which calls attention to a classical argument as to whether the primitive ancestors of man resembled little men or apes

By Loren C. Eiseley

The Freezing of Living Cells

Human blood and cattle sperm can now be stored at low temperature for more than a year. It has also been shown that a whole hamster can be frozen for an hour and thawed out none the worse for wear...

By A. S. Parkes

The Chemistry of Jupiter

The big planet's varicolored markings are an old astronomical puzzle. The author now suggests that the colors may be due to free radicals, frozen solid in the very cold Jovian atmosphere...

By Francis Owen Rice

Pneumatic Buildings

Supported only by thin air, these balloon-like fabric structures now house radar installations. Eventually they may also be used to roof over exhibition halls, hangars and other large buildings...

By Murray Kamrass


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