• The Tomb of Antiochus I

    On a mountaintop in Turkey stands one of the most remarkable monuments of ancient times. Built during the first century B. C. by the king of Kommagene, it is a link between the East and West

    Friedrich Karl Doerner and Theresa Goell| July 1, 1956|

  • The Radio Sky

    If our eyes were sensitive to radio waves rather than to light waves, we would have an entirely different view of the heavens. Presenting the panorama of the sky "seen" by a radio telescope

    John D. Kraus| July 1, 1956|

  • The Atomic Nucleus

    Its structure, when examined with beams of high-energy electrons, is characterized by a fuzzy "skin," the density of Which decreases from the inside out. Even individual protons have this construction

    Robert Hofstadter| July 1, 1956|

  • Space Perception in the Chick

    In which the sight of newborn chicks is manipulated with tiny hoods to determine whether the ability of the birds to locate objects is learned, innate or due to the process of maturation

    Eckhard H. Hess| July 1, 1956|

  • Sexuality in Bacteria

    It has only recently been shown that bacteria have chromosomes and genes. Now it has been found that one bacterium can inject its genes into another by conjugation, giving rise to a hybrid

    Elie L. Wollman and Franois Jacob| July 1, 1956|

  • Progress in Solar Power

    Although there are many ways to convert the energy of the sun into useful forms, most of them are uneconomic. The emphasis is now on devices simple and cheap enough to repay their cost

    Harry Tabor| July 1, 1956|

  • Paleobiochemistry

    Until recently it was believed that ancient bones and shells contained none of their original organic substance. Now amino acids have been found in fossils as old as 300 million years

    Philip H. Abelson| July 1, 1956|

  • A Study of Values

    In the same semi-arid region of western New Mexico the people of five entirely different cultures lead different lives. A long-term study seeks the connections between their values and their ways of life

    Evon Z. Vogt and John M. Roberts| July 1, 1956|

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