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The Fuel Situation

Earth's finite reserves of petroleum, natural gas and coal cannot continue to supply much longer the rising demand for energy. The development of new sources of energy must now have high priority...

By Eugene Ayres

Tissue Culture and Cancer

Animal tissue cells can be grown in almost completely synthetic media and whole colonies of such cells grown from a single cell. These cultures provide convenient subjects for testing new drugs...

By John J. Biesele

A National Radio Observatory

Plans for a 140-foot steerable paraboloid telescope to be located in West Virginia are being drawn by the National Science Foundation. The observatory is a cooperative project of research institutions...

By Bart J. Bok

The Gene

Biologists have yet to see it or to find out exactly what it is made of, but its role in determining the continuity and the variation of living things grows steadily clearer

By Norman H. Horowitz

Mesonic Atoms

For brief instants mesons may spin like electrons on orbits around atomic nuclei. The X-rays they emit, as they jump from orbit to orbit, may illuminate the nature of the nuclear binding forces...

By Sergio DeBenedetti

Pleasure Centers in the Brain

Rats can be made to gratify the drives of hunger, thirst and sex by self-stimulation of their brains with electricity. It appears that motivation, like sensation, has local centers in the brain...

By James Olds

Artificial Living Plants

Proposed here is a design for self-reproducing machines that would be harvested for the materials from which they construct themselves. They might prove more feasible than spaceships and more profitable...

By Edward F. Moore

The Language of Birds

The songs and other calls of birds are not merely joyous outbursts. They make up a complex communications system, with the various sounds suited to various types of message

By W. H. Thorpe


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