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The Artificial Satellite as a Research Instrument

Its payload of 10 pounds will telemeter information about conditions at the edge of space. When its batteries have run down, we can still learn much by observing its flight

By James A. Van Allen

Transformed Bacteria

If desoxyribonucleic acid is removed from one strain of pneumococci and added to another strain, some of the cells in the second strain are able to transmit characteristics of the first to their descendants...

By Rollin D. Hotchkiss and Esther Weiss

Experiments in Group Conflict

What are the conditions which lead to harmony or friction between groups of people? Here the question is approached by means of controlled situations in a boys' summer camp

By Muzafer Sherif


Natural rubber is now supplemented by a remarkable variety of synthetic rubbers. The trend is culminated by the production of a synthetic rubber which is identical with natural rubber

By Harry L. Fisher

The Birth of the Nuclear Atom

In 1911 Ernest Rutherford published his account of the experiments which showed that the atom has a massive electrically charged core. At the time even he was unaware of the importance of his discovery...

By E. N. da C. Andrade

Appetite and Obesity

It is often said that obesity is caused simply by overeating. But what causes people to overeat? The answer to the question is sought by the physiological experiments described herein

By Jean Mayer

Unorthodox Methods of Sperm Transfer

The eggs of some animals are not fertilized by the usual methods, which raises a number of interesting questions. Consider the sponge, the bedbug, the spider and the leech

By Lord Rothschild

Radioactive Tuberculosis Drugs

Three drugs are now used to control the tubercle bacillus, though none is completely effective against it. Their mode of action is investigated by inserting radioactive atoms into their molecules...

By Lloyd J. Roth and Roland W. Manthei


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