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The Overthrow of Parity

Conservation of parity was a law of quantum physics which said that there is no absolute distinction in nature between right and left. Experiments now show that such a distinction exists...

By Philip Morrison

Experiments in Hypnosis

In which experimental subjects are found to be suggestible while hypnotized or while in a light sleep, demonstrating that there is very little difference between the two states

By Theodore X. Barber

Skin Transplants

When skin from one man is grafted onto someone other than his identical twin, it soon drops off. The chemical mechanism which interferes with the graft is illuminated by animal experiments...

By P. B. Medawar

The Age Of The Solar System

Rocks and meteorites contain radioactive elements and the products of their decay, the laborious analysis of which presently indicates that the earth and its neighbors were formed 4.5 billion years ago...

By Harrison Brown

"The Wonderful Net"

These words are a translation of rete mirabile, an arrangement of blood vessels in which animals can conserve heat and oxygen pressure by applying the principle of counter-current exchange...

By P. F. Scholander

The Whistled Language of La Gomera

The harsh terrain of this island in the Canaries has led its people to develop an extraordinary form of telephonic speech. Its clear tones may be understood at a distance of three miles...

By André Classe

Plant Growth Substances

It has long been known that auxin stimulates the growth of plants. Now it has been discovered that some other substances do the same thing, opening up new horizons in plant physiology and agriculture...

By Frank B. Salisbury

Sun Clouds and Rain Clouds

Once a month, on the average, the earth intercepts a mighty swarm of corpuscles ejected by the sun. There is new evidence that these corpuscles, impinging on the earth's atmosphere, affect the weather...

By Walter Orr Roberts


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