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A Rocket around the Moon

After the artificial satellites have been launched, this may be the next step into space. The rapid progress of intercontinental missiles indicates that it may be closer than most people think...

By George Gamow and Krafft A. Ehricke

Sharks v. Men

Where and when is a shark likely to attack a man in the water? Some answers have begun to emerge from the geographical pattern of known attacks and underwater observations of shark behavior...

By George A. Llano


Brain centers act as the body's thermostat to maintain normal temperature. Fever may be produced when the white blood cells release a substance which raises the thermostat to high levels...

By W. Barry Wood

Climate and Agriculture

Man traditionally seeks to extend the range of a cultivated plant by trial and error. This range is now forecast in the "phytotron," a laboratory which reproduces the various environments of plants...

By Frits W. Went

Radiation Pressure

Light and sound, although apparently intangible, actually exert a tiny pressure on objects in their path. A review of the theoretical and experimental studies of this effect

By George E. Henry

Atoms Visualized

The field ion microscope makes pictures of atoms in a metal crystal by accelerating positive ions from a fine needle of the metal to a fluorescent screen

By Erwin W. Mller

The Hopi and the Tewa

A tale of two adjacent villages which maintained distinct cultures for two centuries. Then a change in social environment brought them together, demonstrating one way in which minorities are assimilated...

By Edward P. Dozier

The Evolution of Mind

An essay, based on some classic observations of experimental psychology, on how the intelligence of man basically differs from the mental capacity of animals from ants to chimpanzees

By Norman L. Munn


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