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Chemical Prospecting

The modern prospector may carry not only a Geiger counter but also test tubes and plastic bottles filled with chemicals. With them he can detect the traces of metal which surround a hidden body of ore...

By Harold Bloom and Harold F. Walton

The Absorption of Radio Waves in Space

In 1951 it was found that clouds of hydrogen between the stars radiate 21-centimeter radio, waves. The clouds also absorb these waves, providing a sensitive new tool for the radio astronomer...

By A. E. Lilley

Weed Control by Insect

For 30 years Klamath weed, a noxious plant imported from Europe, had infested the range lands of northern California. How it was brought under control by introducing its European insect enemies...

By James K. Holloway

Elementary Particles

An account of the abstract theoretical ideas which physicists use to help them understand the material world. These ideas begin to show some order in the jumble of subatomic particles

By E. P. Rosenbaum and Murray Gell-Mann


This nonstop word refers to a disease in which the blood lacks gamma globulin. Because antibodies are found in gamma globulin, those who suffer from the disease are prey to grave infections...

By Charles A. Janeway and David Gitlin

The Tombs of the First Pharaohs

Before the kings of Egypt made pyramids, they were buried in great brick-lined pits topped by rectangular buildings. These structures provide clues as to how civilization came to the Valley of the Nile...

By Walter B. Emery

The Geography of Birds

Although they are free to fly wherever they please, few birds are cosmopolitan. After 150 million years of evolution in a constantly changing environment, most species are confined to provincial abodes...

By Carl Welty

Powerhouse of the Cell

It is the mitochondrion, a small body which appears to play a central role in the oxidation of foodstuff. Its structure, as revealed by the electron microscope, mirrors its function

By Philip Siekevitz


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