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A National Science Policy

A report to the public from the National Science Foundation show's basic research needs greater public support. It now gets less than 10 per cent of $5,400 million spent for research and development...

By Chester I. Barnard

Animals of the Abyss

When the Danish oceanographic vessel "Galathea" sailed around the world, its investigators sampled the life of the greatest depths with a cable seven and a half miles long

By Anton F. Bruun

Shanidar Cave

This rocky shelter in Iraq has been inhabited by man for 100,000 years. Digging down through the earth of its floor, archaeologists have even uncovered the remains of the predecessors of Homo sapiens...

By Ralph S. Solecki

"The Organizer"

How are the unspecialized cells of the dividing egg organized into the specialized cells of a plant or animal? For 70 years biologists have been searching for the answer by experiments

By George W. Gray


When certain metals are cooled to a few degrees above absolute zero, they lose all electrical resistance. Although the phenomenon has not been explained, it has now been found to adhere to some simple rules...

By B. T. Matthias


A few remarkable and little-known facts about these flying mammals: some of them have a wingspread of nearly five feet, some catch fish on the wing, some mate in the fall but do not conceive until spring...

By William A. Wimsatt

Organic Chemical Reactions

Chemists are re-examining familiar reactions of simpler organic molecules, even tracing the courses of individual atoms. These studies help in understanding the behavior of complex compounds...

By John D. Roberts

Subjective Probability

In the course of their daily lives men must constantly measure the probability of events. How these personal judgements conform to the actual laws of probability is investigated by experiment...

By John Cohen


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