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The Bathyscaph

In this remarkable vessel men can visit the ocean bottom at depths of more than 15,000 feet. Explorations with it are now yielding significant geophysical and biological information...

By Robert S. Dietz, Russell V. Lewis and Andreas B. Rechnitzer


The discovery of the anti-proton and the anti-neutron raises the following question: Do anti-atoms made of these and other anti-particles exist in the universe?

By Geoffrey Burbidge and Fred Hoyle


This hormone both causes the uterus to prepare itself for pregnancy and guards the embryo against premature birth by inhibiting the contraction of uterine muscle

By Arpad Csapo

The Teaching of Elementary Physics

To give more students a better understanding of the nature of physical science, a new approach to high-school physics is evolving. Its main feature: emphasis on basic principles...

By Walter C. Michels


The city which Was buried by Vesuvius has been excavated for two centuries. Two thirds of its 165,000 acres have now been cleared , providing a unique view of Roman life in the first century A...

By Amedeo Maiuri

The Ecosphere

By examining how all living organisms on the earth interact with one another and with their inorganic environment we are able to estimate the amount of life our planet can support

By LaMont C. Cole

The Chemical Senses

The senses of sight, hearing and touch receive physical stimuli; those of smell and taste, chemical stimuli. These latter senses have recently been the subject of numerous ingenious experiments...

By Hans Kalmus

The Flowering Process

At certain points in its development every flowering plant stops making leaf buds and produces flowers. The mechanism of the change is studied by experiments with the cocklebur

By Frank B. Salisbury


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