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These explosively violent storms are so small and short-lived that they are very hard to study. New meteorological methods now help us to pick out areas where they are likely to strike

By Morris Tepper

A "Flying-Spot" Microscope

In which a thin beam of ultraviolet radiation is used to scan living cells. An advantage of the method is that the cells can be examined at length in this harsh light without killing them...

By P. O'B. Montgomery and W. A. Bonner

The Earth as a Dynamo

Why is the earth a magnet? The best answer at present is that the slow flow of matter in its fluid core generates electric currents, which in turn set up a magnetic field

By Walter M. Elsasser

The Teaching of Elementary Mathematics

Continuing a survey, begun last month, of the current ferment in science education. The outlook in mathematics: The next few years will bring substantial changes in high-school curricula...

By E. P. Rosenbaum

A Study of Self-Disclosure

How much of what we know about ourselves do we tell others? Plainly it varies with the individuals involved. This variation is examined as an approach to the problem of how we form personal relationships...

By Sidney M. Jourard

An Insect and a Plant

Most plant-eating insects prefer one species of plant. Studies of how the corn borer adapts to its host (the corn plant) have revealed significant facts about insect nutrition and behavior...

By Stanley D. Beck

The Action of Insulin

It is well known that this hormone is involved in the metabolism of sugar. But how? Recent experiments indicate that it presides at the passage of sugar through the outer wall of certain cells...

By M. S. Goldstein and Rachmiel Levine

King Nestor's Palace

Archaeologists have excavated a large structure in southwestern Greece which was probably the home of the man who, the Odyssey relates, received Telemachus as he began his search for Odysseus...

By Carl W. Blegen


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