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Prestressed Concrete

Concrete is made stronger by Compresson; steel, by tension. These opposing properties are combined to make a building material which is stronger than reinforced concrete and cheaper than steel alone...

By T. Y. Lin

Fossil Meteorite Craters

Canadian investigators have discovered meteorite craters at least 500 million years old. Clues from aerial photographs suggest that these fossil explosion pits are fairly common

By C. S. Beals

More about Bat "Radar"

A sequel to an earlier article which described the capacity of bats to locate objects by supersonic echoes. This natural sonar is now known to incorporate extraordinary refinements

By Donald R. Griffin

Biological Oxidation

How does the living cell "burn" carbohydrates and fats? It does so by means of an intricate web of chemical reactions which have been localized in the minute intracellular particles called mitochondria...

By David E. Green

Predatory Fungi

Plants which trap insects are familiar in the folklore of biology. Less well-known, but more important in the balance of nature, are certain molds which ensnare and consume small animals in the soil...

By Joseph J. Maio

Early Man in Africa

In recent years the Dark Continent has yielded the bones of man-apes and the oldest known human tools. A general account of these finds, with special reference to the author's excavations at Kalambo Falls...

By J. Desmond Clark

The Circulation of the Abyss

Unseen and still largely uncharted currents in the ocean depths are a major force in determining world climate. A new theory indicates that these currents have a surprising pattern of flow...

By Henry Stommel


This disease gives rise to the grotesque deformities known as elephantiasis. It is caused by threadlike worms whose activities vary in a remarkable manner with night and day

By F. Hawking


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