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The Stellarator

Described at last month's Geneva conference, this experimental device for fusion power research employs a twisted magnetic field to contain an ionized gas and electric fields to heat it

By Lyman Spitzer Jr.

Cells at High Pressure

Temperature and pressure are basic factors in physical and chemical processes, but it is only recently that biologists have considered the role of pressure in the physical and chemical processes of life...

By Douglas Marsland

The Tails of Comets

It has long been assumed that the gases of a comet tail are pushed away from the comet by the pressure of light from the sun. It now appears that many tails are caused by a wind of charged particles...

By Ludwig F. Biermann and Rhea Lüst

The Indo-European Language

The descendants of this forgotten tongue include English, Sanskrit and Greek. By comparing its "daughter languages" with one another, linguists have learned how it sounded and even where it originated...

By Paul Thieme

The Regeneration of Body Parts

How is it that a salamander can regrow an amputated limb but a higher animal cannot? The question is investigated by means of experiments with the salamander and the frog

By Marcus Singer

Ulcers in "Executive" Monkeys

In which monkeys subjected to psychological stress in a laboratory apparatus develop gastrointestinal lesions. The technique provides a promising means of studying the causes of psychosomatic diseases...

By Joseph V. Brady


This important constituent of wood is slowly yielding to efforts to isolate it and determine its molecular structure. Now almost entirely wasted, it may ultimately become a valuable raw material...

By F. F. Nord and Walter J. Schubert


When a lake is filled with silt and organic debris, it gives way to a unique system of living things and their remains. These wet spots on the land may have a significant effect on world climate...

By Edward S. Deevey Jr.


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