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The Staphylococcus Problem

A ubiquitous parasite has acquired resistance to antibiotics and is causing epidemics of purulent infection in hospitals. Control calls for renewed research and a return to aseptic and antiseptic routines...

By Stuart Mudd

Dying Stars

The white dwarfs, with their thermonuclear fires long since extinguished, are cooling down to the temperature of space. They are a portent of the inexorable fate of all other stars

By Jesse L. Greenstein

The Microcirculation of the Blood

The primary purpose of the circulatory system is served by the microscopic vessels in which the blood flows from the arteries to the veins and thereby nourishes all the tissues of the body...

By Benjamin W. Zweifach

The Atomic Nucleus

How do physicists presently visualize it? Curiously, different approaches to the nucleus suggest different pictures, notably the liquid-drop model, the shell model and the optical model

By R. E. Peierls

Molecular Sieves

The zeolite minerals, whose crystals contain a myriad of minute pores, have made possible a new branch of chemical technology. They can perform precise separations of very similar molecules...

By D. W. Breck and J. V. Smith

Trace-Element Deserts

Throughout the world potential farmland goes to waste for the lack of elements required in traces by plants and animals. By rectifying such deficiencies, Australia hopes to reclaim some 300 million acres...

By A. J. Anderson and E. J. Underwood

Salt Glands

A special organ which eliminates salt with great efficiency enables marine birds to meet their fluid needs by drinking sea water. Similar organs have been found in marine reptiles

By Knut Schmidt-Nielsen

A Witness at the Scopes Trial

In 1925 a Tennessee teacher of biology named Thomas Scopes was tried for teaching the theory of evolution. An expert witness at the trial relates how evolution lost in court but won in the eyes of the nation...

By Fay-Cooper Cole


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