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Nuclear Rockets

Chemical rockets are already approaching their theoretical limits. Various ways of utilizing nuclear reactions for rocket propulsion have been suggested, some of which are in the experimental stage...

By John J. Newgard and Myron Levoy

Balloon Astronomy

Some remarkably sharp photographs of the Sun made with a telescope lifted 82,000 feet are an example of how astronomy can be advanced by means of observations from balloons, rockets and artificial satellites...

By Barbara Schwarzschild and Martin

The Origin of Darwinism

Who were the pioneers of the modern concept of evolution? Charles Darwin did not give them the credit they deserved, but his failure to do so ironically paved the way for the acceptance of the concept...

By C. D. Darlington

Experiments in Color Vision

The eye has recently been found to be an instrument of wonderful and unsuspected versatility. It can perceive full color in images which, according to classical theories, should be monochromatic...

By Edwin H. Land

The Late Blight of Potatoes

This devastating disease is now controlled only by repeated spraying. Potato Varieties that can withstand it are being produced in central Mexico, the probable home of the blight

By John S. Niederhauser and William C. Cobb

Cargo Cults

Throughout Melanesia primitive men await a black Messiah who will bring them a largess of "cargo" (European goods). These cults typify the impact of Christendom on premodern society

By Peter M. Worsley

Tissues from Dissociated Cells

An embryonic tissue can be broken apart into its constituent cells. Then, under appropriate conditions, the separated cells reassemble into a tissue similar to that from which they came

By A. A. Moscona

Artificial Satellites and the Theory of Relativity

The phenomena predicted by the general theory of relativity are difficult or impossible to measure. Earth satellites may soon provide new ways of testing the theory by observation

By V. L. Ginzburg


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