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Rocket Astronomy

Rockets which briefly soar above the greater part of the earth's atmosphere, where short wavelengths such as the ultraviolet are filtered out, have gathered new information about the universe...

By Herbert Friedman

An Ancient Greek Computer

In 1901 divers working off the isle of Antikythera found the remains of a clocklike mechanism 2,000 years old. The mechanism now appears to have been a device for calculating the motions of stars and planets...

By Derek J. de Solla Price

Love in Infant Monkeys

Affection in infants was long thought to be generated by the satisfactions of feeding. Studies of young rhesus monkeys now indicate that love derives mainly from close bodily contact

By Harry F. Harlow


Man has made this exquisite beverage for 6,000 years, but it is only in the past century that he has begun to understand the subtle enzyme chemistry and microbiology of the process

By Anthony H. Rose

Self-Reproducing Machines

In which simple units are built which assemble themselves into larger units, which in turn make copies of themselves from other simple units. The process sheds light on the self-reproduction of biological molecules...

By L. S. Penrose

Junction-Diode Amplifiers

They are simpler than the maser, quieter than the vacuum tube. Their low internal noise permits them to amplify radio signals much too faint for conventional receivers

By Arthur Uhlir

Worm Autobiographies

In which certain marine worms record their own activities on a revolving drum. Because these activities are relatively simple, they provide a convenient means of studying biological rhythms...

By G. P. Wells

Primitive Kinship

In most primitive societies the family is an organization far more complex than the family of Western civilization. This organization reflects the larger role played by the family in primitive cultures...

By Meyer Fortes


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