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Artificial Satellites and the Earth's Atmosphere

In the auroral zones the upper atmosphere is much wanner than it is over the Equator. Satellite data attribute this effect to solar particles trapped in the earth's great radiation belts...

By Robert Jastrow

The Radio Galaxy

From somewhere near the center of our galaxy vast billows of hydrogen surge outward, emitting radio waves that elucidate the galaxy's spiral structure

By Cart Westerhout

Incubator Birds

These extraordinary fowl hatch their eggs not by sitting on them but by putting them in a hot place. Some species even rake together dead leaves, the decay of which heats the eggs

By H. J. Frith

Ocean Waves

Men have always been fascinated, and sometimes awed, by the rhythmic motions of the sea's surface. A century of observation and experiment has revealed much about how these waves are generated and propagated...

By Willard Bascom

Conditioning and Brain Waves

Recent investigations show that learning can change the pattern of electrical activity in the brain. These studies are beginning to elucidate the physiological substructure of mental phenomena...

By Vernon Rowland

Charles Lyell

He founded modern historical geology and set the stage for the achievement of Charles Darwin. Until late in his career, however, he was reluctant to accept the idea of evolution

By Loren C. Eiseley


This disease, a major cause of blindness, mainly afflicts people over 40. It occurs when fluid is secreted into the eye faster than it can drain out, thus increasing the pressure inside the eyeball...

By Sidney Lerman

The Enzyme-Substrate Complex

The fleeting union of the enzyme and the substance on which it acts holds a key to our understanding of life processes. Many ingenious techniques are in use today to isolate it for study...

By Earl Frieden


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