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The 600-Foot Radio Telescope

The world's largest steerable telescope is under construction in West Virginia. Its great power to gather radio waves and resolve celestial radio sources promises important advances in knowledge of the universe...

By Edward F. McClain

Prehistoric Art in the Alps

Beginning some 3,000 years ago the people of the Camonica Valley carved the rocks around them with thousands of drawings that show the Camunian way of life and the influence of other early cultures...

By Emmanuel Anati

Animals in the Snow

Animals that live in regions where snow persists for nine months of the year are adapted to various kinds of snow cover resulting from interaction of weather, plants and the contour of the land...

By William O. Pruitt

Breeder Reactors

Reactors that produce more fuel than they consume make it feasible to “burn the rocks,” that is, to utilize the vast supply of uranium and thorium contained not in rich ores but in rocks such as granite...

By Alvin M. Weinberg

Radiation-Imitating Chemicals

Nitrogen mustards and certain other compounds produce the same apparent biological effects as high-energy radiation. These chemicals have some use in cancer therapy and great value in basic research...

By Peter Alexander

The Green Flash

When the sun's disk is disappearing at sunset, or appearing at sunrise, its top sometimes momentarily turns a brilliant green. The flash results from dispersion of sunlight in air

By D. J. K. O'Connell and S. J.

Nuclear Control of the Cell

Present theories of cell physiology imply that materials are transported from the nucleus to the cytoplasm. This transfer has now been demonstrated by means of electron microscopy

By Helen Gay

The Mechanism of Breathing

Practical problems such as breathing at high altitude have in recent years focused attention on the marvelous system that brings oxygen to the blood and removes carbon dioxide

By Wallace O. Fenn


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