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The Exploration of the Moon

The importance of the enterprise is increased by the fact that the surface of the moon, lacking an erosive atmosphere, has preserved a record of the history of the solar system

By Robert Jastrow

The Changing Level of the Sea

Glacial cycles and the slow sinking of the ocean floor have caused sea level to fluctuate from epoch to epoch. The last great upsurge apparently culminated in the deluge described in the Old Testament...

By Rhodes W. Fairbridge

Stimulation in Infancy

Both painful shocks and gentle handling enhance the development of normal stress responses in infant animals. The absence of such treatment leads to behavioral disorders when the animal matures...

By Seymour Levine

Energy Transformation in the Cell

How does the living cell convert the energy of foodstuff into a form that can be utilized and stored? The process involves the sequential action of many enzymes, some of which are part of the cell membranes...

By Albert L. Lehninger

Genetic Mosaics

Normally each cell of a many-celled organism has the same set of genes. Occasionally, however, the organism is composed of cells with different genes. Some of these genetic mosaics are even half male and half female...

By Aloha Hannah-Alava

Flash Photolysis

With this new method investigators have been able to observe directly many of the short-lived, unstable substances that play a key role in photochemistry and other fast chemical processes...

By Leonard I. Grossweiner

How Animals Run

Many animals, both predators and prey, have evolved the ability to run two or three times faster than a man can. What are the adaptations that make these impressive performances possible?...

By Milton Hildebrand

Animal Infections and Human Disease

During most of man's history his worst diseases were carried by animals and transmitted by insects and other arthropuds. These zoonoses are still a threat over much of the world

By Meir Yoeli


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